New Collection of Art Glass

Gartner Blade is the collaborative work of nationally renowned glass artisans Danielle Blade & Stephen Gartner.  Business partners since 1995, Danielle & Stephen combine their ideas, techniques and experiences to create original art work in both blown and sculpted hot glass.  They are continually developing pieces that explore their interpretation of found objects – both manmade and in throughout nature.  The inspiration for their designs evolves from a mutual fascination with the many vessels and sculptural objects that are revered in primitive and contemporary cultures.  Natural elements such as bone, wood, vine, fossils and rock formations combine with a highly original color palette to create their signature collections. The studio’s work merges traditional hand blown glass techniques with innovative color applications and original sculpturing techniques.    Prior to opening their studio, both Stephen and Danielle studied with prominent American and European glass artists. Both worked as production glassblowers and glassblowing instructors before opening the original Gartner Blade studio in the rural artist community of Eureka Springs, Arkansas.   In 2000, the studio was moved to the southern Massachusetts Berkshires – to escape the heat of the south.  Danielle Blade, born in Isle of Wight, England.  Daughter of British glass artist Martin Evans.    An avid gardener and lover of nature.  Stephen Gartner, born in Phoenix, Arizona.  A passionate musician / guitarist – spends much of his free time creating in his alternate medium. 




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