Introducing Kim Walker

When you look at my artwork, please realize you are looking at not only paint but also actual botanic elements from nature. 
 The process of painting and connections to nature are both great passions in my life. Painting allows me the quiet and thoughtful internal dialogue that refreshes my spirit.   My compositions are intended to be a reverent reflection of the beauty, inspiration, and meaningful lessons found in the gifts of nature.  I believe connections to nature are indispensable to all people.  I have learned that even if your day allows only brief moments to take in the wonder of the intricate beauty of a flower petal or leaf or to simply experience a view into nature from your window, it has the potential to touch our lives in a profound and heartening way.  This belief resulted many years ago in the inclusion of botanical elements into my mixed media compositions.  My art making takes me on a spiritual journey as I seek and collect natural elements, which I then press and later incorporate into my paintings and 3-d art.  I trust my art to show great reverence to nature while providing viewers a personal connection to the natural world in a unique and unexpected realm. Also, because I am greatly inspired by the insights and wisdom of life’s experiences, along with many metaphoric lessons found in nature, poetry is an integral part of my art.  I feel that my paintings and my poetry go hand-in-hand and complement each other.  Therefore, each painting includes one of my original poems that I hand-write on the back of each composition.




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