Introducing Karen Clarkson

Artist Statement:


My art has always been about self-discovery, and in so doing, developing a way of communicating to others. Different methods of achieving this are constantly presenting themselves, and I am thrilled by the challenge! Can a raven communicate tenderness and love? Can a symbolic representation of my Choctaw heritage show the same? To me it is all one long journey. This path has been my greatest pleasure and in this way I am focused on revealing my Native American history and mythology.


I hope when you visit me here you will see many things. Important to me is communicating our shared humanness. Does it make you smile? Does it make your heart swell?  For many years I  have presented my works in shows and events, as well as in books and lectures, in an attempt to engage and inspire others. 


As you gaze upon these images, I hope you will find what you are looking for. We are all searching for a place to hold on to. My experiences have taught me we can all aspire to great things.


One thing I do know, art is my one great thing.





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