Gallery visit with mixed media painter Kim Walker

Join us Saturday afternoon from 1pm- 3pm to preview new work and meet the artist.  Call the gallery for details or to be added to the email preview list. 


Kim Walker is an internationally recognized artist, mother of four, grandmother of eight, and loving wife. Kim's son Robby began attending community college in 1992 at age 9. While transporting him to and from college, Kim decided to attend classes herself. She became the first person in her family to receive a degree - a B.F.A. in Painting from Arizona State University - and had the unique experience of taking some classes with her son.  Robby completed a PhD in Computer Science.  With great pride and joy she refers to this experience as a magical part of her journey. 
Since then, Kim has developed a unique style of painting that incorporates pressed flowers and natural elements. During her degree program she absorbed the many offerings of her instructors and is very grateful for that experience.  Kim always knew, however, that she wanted to find her own voice in her art.  Beginning in December of 1999, in an attempt to assuage her grief over the untimely death of her mother, Kim took almost daily walks. “One day while resting on a mountain trail a breeze wrapped around me and it felt like a hug.  I looked up and all around and it became crystal clear that nature reflects not just beauty but also hope and inspiration and healing as well as many metaphoric lessons that can touch all of our lives in profound and limitless ways. We are all warmed by the same sun and held by the same gravity.  I knew I wanted to share these feelings as well as the actual botanicals with the world.  I stopped many times on my walk home that day and picked up random botanic elements not knowing how, but still knowing these elements would become part of my art.”  Kim continues to evolve her processes of the inclusion of actual botanicals in her art, each day making new discoveries in her studios, one in Arizona and one in Baja..  She also writes an original poem for each painting to further express her reverent gratitude for the gifts of nature.   




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