Featured Painter Sandra Brestel and Release of Artwork


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Painting by Sandra Brestel

48" x 24"

A trio of spiritual emissaries seem to drift forth from this ancient rock, free of physical form. Each of these female deities has a special magic which they bring into our world. Meticulously etched into the rock is a story teller with an elaborate headdress of feathers, a water carrier with an earthen jar in hand, and a powerful healer with her robe covered in triangle and V shapes. The V shape symbolizes the female in many ancient cultures and here it also represent, spiritual wealth and talent. The water carrier's sacred earthen jar contains pure spring water which she has collected from an eternal spring marked by the spiral and snake image. This magical water was used by the healer as an important base for her healing potions.

This place has a strong magic of spiritual healing as well as physical healing. All of these wonderful petroglyph images etched upon the rock, play an important part in keeping the door open between the worlds. The symbol of the bear is present here. The bear drifts into a dream state each winter and uses this time to work out problems and receive answers. This powerful creature possesses a strong female energy that is reborn each spring. The badger is etched upon the rocks as well, and holds a very powerful position here. Shy and yet aggressive, the badger is the totem animal between healers and medicine women. This small tenacious creature is believed to have taught ancient healers which roots and herbs could heal sickness. Just by observing this animal we can learn a key ingredient in the recipe for healing and that is... the badger is tenacious, never accepts its fate, and always puts up a fight in the face of insurmountable odds.<![if !vml]><![endif]>

The mystery of this place would not be complete without the presence of the owl. Often hidden in the shadows, this ominous creature draws our attention like the rhythmic thumping of a faraway drum. This nocturnal bird of prey is the essence of wisdom and possesses a powerful and sometimes dangerous magic. The owl sees and hears all, it is endowed with the gift of second sight, and even the smallest secrets are known to this watchful spirit of the night. Only a strong and experienced shaman and storyteller would dare to enlist or even speak of its great powers.






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