Sharon Fullingim

Part of my daily routine (while heading out to my studio) is watching and listening to the comings and goings of resident and migratory birds. It\'s one of those necessary things that feeds my creative spirit, and is surely one of the most uplifting and fun things I can do during the day. Whether I\'m carving stone or sculpting my next bronze, those lively visitors keep me entertained! They are the inspiration which gives my sculpture life! As an artist and sculptor, my early artistic career was spent working in watercolors and intaglio etchings, but my passion is sculpting. Living in the Middle Rio Grande Valley, close to the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, has given me ample material for portraying wildlife and birds in both bronze and limestone. Sharon is an Associate Member of the Women Artists of the West, Signature Member of the Society of Animal Artists, and Master Signature member of the American Women Artists. Her work has been selected to show in both the SAA Annual Member Exhibitions, and Birds in Art, and is collected worldwide.
Current works by Sharon Fullingim in our inventory include:

AlertArmendaris BisonBliss
ChicoComfort FoodCoopers Hawk
CuriosityEl Paisano Object of Desire
Old FriendSafe Haven Treasure Hunt

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