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Adrift in Time

Adrift in Time

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Adrift in Time
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Many pertoglyph sites were regarded as holy places because of their abstract spiritual nature, interpretations of these ancient images is difficult. A mist of ancient magic seems to swirl around these petroglyphs, insuring their mysterious existence. This site depicts a pair of anthropomorphic figures with flowing robes. Their robes fade into the rock surface creating a feeling of floating movement rather then walking. Their headdresses suggest they are figures of importance. A highly detailed image of a spiral gives us further clues to this ancient place of magic. The spiral symbolizes migration or a journey. The outer markings around the spiral resemble footprints. Images like this are thought to be astronomical signs or a type of calendar. All of these carefully etched pertoglyphs create a strong feeling of travel in the earthly sense or a journey withing the spirit world.

Sandra Brestel

Limited Edition Giclee

34 x 48


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